Banjo Lessons
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Last year we performed The Beatles' Abbey Road, this year we take on Magical Mystery Tour! Our 5th annual fundraising concert is April 27 at Isis Music Hall. Save the date!


We've got a lot going on so far this year! Click the link below to view our current newsletter, and find out what we're up to. JAN/FEB Newsletter


The first class went so well we're doing another! April 28 at AMS. More details to come.


It's not too late! Contact us if you are still interested in the student string ensemble. Rehearsals are Wed. nights Feb 1-April 26, 7:00-8:00. Ages 7 and up. More info HERE. Email to sign up.

Banjo Lessons

Banjo teachers at the Asheville Music School can teach either bluegrass 3-finger picking style or clawhammer (aka frailing or old-time style). The 3 finger style, a la Earl Scruggs, is a common style heard in modern bluegrass music. Although it’s referred to as ‘Bluegrass Banjo’, this is the main technique that most banjo players use to play other styles of music as well (e.g. Bela Fleck). We can learn how to play any style you are interested in: bluegrass, country, rock, jazz, classical, etc.

Clawhammer players usually play a banjo with an open back (no resonator) and sometimes a scooped neck (no frets close to the banjo head).  You’ll see their right hand bouncing up and down a lot, instead of staying put on the banjo head like a 3-finger bluegrass player. They are strumming down on the strings with the back of their fingernail, then picking up on the 5th string with their thumb. To learn clawhammer banjo we usually start with the basics of this right hand ‘frailing’ technique along with some basic old-time melodies and easy chords.

Click the teacher links below to learn more about our Banjo faculty.


Karen Bell– Clawhammer Banjo
Andy John