Group Classes 2014


Music & Movement Program for Young Children and Parents

June 10-July 23


Nature’s Music- Wednesdays 8:15am-9:00am

For Preschoolers age 3-5

Introduce your child to the many sounds and movements of nature.
Move and sing with your animal friends:

    • Creepers and Crawlers
    • Jumpers and Hoppers
    • Buzzers and Singers
    • Swimmers and Leapers
    • Dance and Play Games Together
    • Instrument Discovery Time
    • Natural wood sand blocks, a new addition to your instrument collection!


My Music World- Tuesdays 8:15am-9:00am

For infants and toddlers

Sing, Bounce, Rock & Dance to songs:

    •  Swing & sway to Bandltanz from Germany
    •  Rock to Songs from Korea & Scotland
    •  Delight with Alouette from France
    •  And many more!

 Musikgarten’s musical play for babies:

    •  Increases your baby’s curiosity about music
    •  Develops listening skills and a sense of beat
    •  Establishes a foundation for singing and musical thought
    •  Helps you form a closer bond with your baby
    •  Gives you and your baby a chance to interact with other parents and babies from around the world

This 6 class music & movement series draws upon your child’s love of the natural world. Songs, movement, & instrument playing opportunities center on favorite animals & insects, places & activities, the sights and sounds of summer! Each class features age appropriate activities designed to delight and entertain you and your child, and to foster development and support musical, physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth.

Both sessions encourage parent child interaction and include a parent book and Musikgarten CD of outstanding music for movement, singing, and listening at home.


Tuition: $125 for one child; $200 for two

Contact: Asheville Music Garden
Kirsten Earley~ 828-230-3502


Led by Alec Fehl, this is a brand new addition to our Sound Education ensemble program. Spring semester starts January 11, 2014. Auditions begin December 28, 2013. Ages 10-17

Students play in a rock band with their peers over a 12 week semester. Throughout the semester, students receive expert mentoring from instructor Alec Fehl as they hone their performance skills in preparation for an end-of-semester concert.

Spring 2014 semester:

  • Start date: Saturday, January 11
  • Concert date: Saturday, March 29
  • Auditions/Meet the Teacher: Saturdays, Dec 28 and Jan 4 (call to schedule a time and for more info)
  • Theme: Three Decades of Rock: 60s, 70s, and 80s
  • Students will learn songs from genres that defined the 60s, 70s, and 80s
  • 1960s: Surf, Psychedelic, Folk
  • 1970s: Disco, Progressive, Glam, Punk
  • 1980s: New Wave, Hair Metal, Funk Metal

Click the image below to learn more-

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE: Asheville Music School Sound Education Rock Band-v2


Piano skills are a must for a well-rounded music education. This class is open to AMS students and the general public. Call ahead to schedule
Tuesdays 5:00pm-6:00pm
Taught by AMS faculty member Frank Argento
Beginner-Intermediate level.


Open to all ages.
Requirement: Intermediate level reading or above.
Directed by Gary Bradley
Meets on Saturday afternoons.


Every Monday night at 6:30pm
Led by Sharon LaMotte and Mike Holstein
Focused in the jazz idiom. Beginner-Intermediate levels.


Fridays afterschool and Saturdays.
For intermediate and advanced instrumentalists.
with Mariya Potapova and Frank Argento
Call Amy Rae at (828) 215-6098 for information and to schedule interview/audition.


We are currently accepting inquiries to start building this class for early 2014.
This class will cover the basics of guitar playing:  tuning, chording, following a lead sheet, right hand technique (pick and finger picking), and several common rhythms such as alternating bass, shuffle, and reggae.  You will learn several songs and have the opportunity to play in a group setting.


March 2014- Our first adult ensemble has started! Another is in the works. Call to inquire and put you name on the waiting list. Looking to meet on Sundays. All instruments will be welcome. Must have some playing experience.


(828) 252-6244